The iDefendo idea:

Helping our users set the record straight

Protect your intellectual property values without stifling creativity.

iDefendo was founded in 2015 on a simple idea: what's true is true and we can help prove that.

In a networked world, information travels quickly. Keeping track of who created what, when who sent what to whom, and in what order events occurred is a daunting task.

It's also extremely – and increasingly – important. Ideas and intellectual property are arguably the most valuable assets of most modern companies. Protecting that value is of paramount importance. But that protection often come in the form of rules that stifles creativity, requires cumbersome routines and adds administrative overhead.

The iDefendo idea is to log and document everything, automatically in the background. That makes it possible to go back in time and see what really happened, who did what, and in what order events occurred. In short, you can set the record straight AFTER the fact, instead of having to predict today what will become important tomorrow.

iDefendo. Instead of guessing.