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Our witnesses are digital. Unlike their human counterparts, they remember everything perfectly.


We are iDefendo

iDefendo provides reliable evidence to help intellectual property-intensive businesses prove ownership of their content. Through blockchain technology we create Digital Witnesses™ that assist in proving authorship and timestamps for any kind of data or process.

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iDefendo Transfer

iDefendo Transfer

Transfer important files securely. Digital Witnesses lets you prove WHAT you sent, WHEN you sent it and WHO downloaded it. Read more

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iDefendo Vault

iDefendo Vault

Keep your valuable files safe. Digital Witnesses helps you prove when each revision was uploaded. Read more

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The Witness API

Need Digital Witnesses™ for some data point in your own projects? Our RESTful API can be accessed by anything that can connect to the Internet, from browsers to embedded IoT devices, and integrating it can be done in minutes.

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Partners and integrations

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • HighQ
  • STIM
  • SUF
  • IFIA
  • SFF

Digital Witnesses and Evidence Binders

At the core of iDefendo is our patent pending technology that mathematically binds the content of a file to a timestamp and to a signature that identifies the author of the file. Our Digital Witnesses™ are built on top of that technology and leverage the power of blockchains to make the information immutable. Multiple Digital Witnesses are collated with extensive logging data to make up Evidence Binders™; neatly formatted evidence packages that contain everything you need to prove your side of any story. Digital Witnesses and Evidence Binders

Integrate with us

iDefendo is an open platform that can easily be integrated in other tools. Our RESTful API can be accessed securely over the Internet and allows your service to leverage our evidence creation features to provide reliable evidence to your customers. Contact us today for more information.

Red Dot Award 2018
iDefendo awarded the Red Dot Award

This website was awarded the Red Dot Award 2018 in the category Communication Design. Read more

Global Legal Blockchain Consortium
iDefendo has joined the The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC)

The GLBC aims to develop a blockchain infrastructure for law. Read more